2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

ACT or SAT Test Scores

College entrance examination scores are required for admittance for all students who do not have significant college experience. Greenville College recommends that students take the ACT, though SAT scores are also accepted. Students who have not taken the ACT or SAT examination should ask their high school counselor for information about testing dates and locations, or write directly to:

American College Testing Program or, College Entrance Examination Board
P.O. Box 168 P.O. Box 592
Iowa City, Iowa 52240 Princeton, New Jersey 08540
http://www.act.org http://www.collegeboard.com

The results of these tests are used for admission and academic advising. Students taking either of these tests will be given an opportunity to select specific colleges to receive their test scores. The scores must be either sent directly to the College from ACT or SAT headquarters or sent as an official label on an official copy of the high school transcript.

Both the SAT and ACT have writing sections as part of their tests. While the SAT writing section is required, the ACT writing section is optional, meaning that students can elect not to take that section of the test. Currently, Greenville College does not require students to submit an ACT writing score, but we highly encourage students to do so.