2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog

Greenville College’s Study Abroad Semester

Semester in Nicaragua

The fascinating people and culture of Nicaragua invite you for a semester of ministry and cultural exploration. Through a combination of rigorous academics, intensive service, lively interaction with local residents and travel, you will begin to uncover the richness of Nicaraguan life. Living with carefully selected host families and working in relevant ministry sites near the town of Masaya will provide you with so much more than “tourist knowledge” about the region, its people and their values. It will help you form bonds and gain insights that you will never forget. This program, which runs during the fall term, includes in-country orientation and debriefing, 6 weeks of intensive Spanish classes, 7 weeks in ministry sites, and various activities and excursions including a week in Costa Rica. Through community internship at a ministry site is related to the student’s interest, students will gain hands-on experience in one of a variety of fields such as appropriate technology, education, health care, microfinance, social work, and sports. Throughout the internship, students will be mentored by an experience professional staff member from Students International (SI). SI is a non-profit, non-denominational mission and community development organization. Course work beyond the six weeks of Spanish language and internship include International Development Theory and Practice (which fulfills the sociology general education requirement) and Peoples and Cultures of Nicaragua (that meets the Western Civilization general education requirement).