Any student may audit a course. Students auditing a course should attend class, but do not have to complete assignments. They receive no college credit and no credit towards graduation is earned. Audited courses appear on the transcript with a grade of AU (Audit). This transcript code for audited courses do not affect the student’s GPA. A student who finds it necessary to drop an audited course may do so at any time during the semester, and no record of the audited course will appear on the transcript.

Students may not audit courses in which individual instruction from a faculty member is fundamental to the class. Courses that may not be audited include, but are not limited to: Independent Studies, Applied Music Lessons, Art Studio, Practica or Internships, Student Teaching, Cooperative Education, Honors Research and Thesis, and Departmental Reading Courses.

Students who have been on the Dean's List three consecutive semesters may audit one course tuition free every semester while maintaining this status. Other full time students wishing to audit a course will be charged $50 for every credit over 17 hours. Part time students will be charged $60 per audited credit. Students may audit an online course.

Courses that are audited do not count toward full time status for financial aid or sports eligibility.

Senior citizens (65+) residing in Bond County are invited to audit one course (not to surpass four credits) per semester free of charge. In order to participate, they must first be admitted to the college as a guest/non-degree seeking student. Admissions to any particular course is based upon seat availability and the course neither requiring individual instruction nor being offered online. As with any audited course, no college credit will be provided and no credit towards graduation earned. Special course fees associated with some classes will be paid by the student.