2016-2017 Graduate Catalog

EDUA 5777 Productive Classroom Discussions

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) urges teachers to emphasize communication in their teaching as one of the essential components of mathematics learning. In addition, mathematics educators are asked to teach students the importance of constructing viable arguments and critiquing others’ reasoning. Math teachers are expected to foster good mathematical communication with and between students, to model such behavior, and maintain productive discussions in their classrooms.

This course is designed to offer both experienced and new teachers the opportunity to gain a deep familiarity with the use of productive classroom discussions in fostering students’ mathematical understanding. This includes setting mathematical goals and selecting cognitively challenging tasks, using best practices for orchestrating productive mathematics discussions, and planning discussion-based lessons. As the teacher moves through the course, he or she will be encouraged to incorporate productive classroom discussion strategies and add to his or her repertoire of instructional practices. By the end of the course, the teacher will have the materials and resources necessary to implement productive classroom discussions into their instructional practices.