2016-2017 Graduate Catalog

EDUA 5726 Reaching & Teaching Gifted Students

A gifted child may be defined as one who has "exceptional abilities in any area of learning that significantly exceeds grade level expectations," and who can "understand content designed for students older than them by about two years or more." Therefore, when gifted students are in a class with grade-age peers, the regular curriculum consists of content they have either already mastered or can master far more quickly than their classmates.

In fact, research has found that gifted students can be the least likely to succeed in any given class – least likely, that is, without the teacher making the proper curricular modifications for them. This course will educate the teacher on the needs of gifted students (including those with added challenges, such as ADHD or English Language Learners), how to keep them interested in school, and support them in the classroom so they can meet their academic potential.