2016-2017 Graduate Catalog

EDUA 5644 Learning Disabilities

Knowing how to teach students with learning disabilities is a necessity in the modern classroom. With the increased use of an inclusion model in schools and the number of students with special needs growing, teaching students with learning disabilities is no longer the job of special education teachers. Educators at every level and in every subject need to be prepared to meet the needs of this growing population of students. This course offers the teacher resources designed to maximize learning for students with learning disabilities. This is a course both for special education teachers and for general education or subject area teachers that want to learn effective strategies for working with learning disabled students. This course equips the teacher with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully teach and reach students with learning disabilities.

The course includes current research, laws, processes for assessing and identifying learning disabilities, information on how to access services, and strategies for teaching students with learning disabilities. This course also offers concrete techniques for motivating all children to want to learn, creating a positive classroom culture to support academic success, and developing the social skills of students, so that students with learning disabilities find success in school and life.