2016-2017 Graduate Catalog

EDUA 5237 Teaching the American Revoution

Less than 350 years ago, the United States was a colony without a sovereign government and the idea of democracy was found only in books and philosophy. This may be difficult to understand for your students, but learning about America during the Revolutionary Period is crucial for students to understand how and why the United States government, freedoms, and laws were established. This course introduces the teacher to the lives of the American colonists, the conditions and events that led to the writing of the Declaration of Independence, key events and battles during the war, and the establishment of the United States Constitution and government.

In addition to providing strong history content and strategies, this course also includes an English Language Arts (ELA) component, encouraging the teacher to weave reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills into his or her history teaching strategies. After finishing the course, the teacher will be armed with strategies to teach the American Revolution in meaningful and engaging ways that convey robust historical content while fostering students’ imaginations and critical thinking.